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Drivecon Line Brochure PDF
Drivecon Line

Drivecon is your leading supplier of drive systems to crane manufacturers for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, steel, paper and many other industries. Drivecon has the products, knowledge, experience and technology to design, fabricate and support all of your controls and automation requirements.

XT Series Crane Inverter Control System Brochure PDF

XT & XS Series - Crane Inverter Control System

Drivecon's XT Series is the future of the crane industry! Designed with hundreds of years of experience to exceed your needs for reliable, flexible, cost effective, and well-supported range of drives designed for cranes.

Drivecon's XS Series is a powerful yet compact and easy to use AC Vector Drive designed for all open-loop trolley traverse and crane travel applications. It is ideal for jib crane motion control and for many other types of material handling equipment.

Crane Modernization Brochure pdf
Crane Control Modernization Program

Drivecon crane controls modernization programs are designed and packaged to retrofit any crane with leading edge controls technology. Our simple engineering solution is a wise investment.

RCS Remote Crane Service Brochure
RCS - Remote Crane Service

Remote Crane Service (RCS) allows you to monitor, diagnose and program your XT and XS Series drives and CID HoistMonitor or PLC wirelessly with any IBM compatible PC.

PWR Lynk Radio Remote Controls Brohcures
PWR Lynk - Radio Remote Controls

The PWR Lynk offers a very robust and ergonomic design for operators and includes field programmable options to suit various application requirements. The standard configuration will be programmed for 3 motion or 5 motion applications. Options for other configurations are easily achieved via simple field programming for A or B selection, latching control, momentary pushbuttons, as well as a wide variety of additional special application features.

Series V Radio Remote Controls pdf
Series V - Radio Remote Controls

The Series V transmitter allows the control of all overhead cranes. With indestructible operation elements and an extremely robust housing, the transmitter can withstand even the toughest conditions over many years.

Pendant Station Brochure
Pendant Stations

Drivecon offers a wide variety of pendant station with custom configurations, parts and pre wiring to plug available for all pendant models.