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Acciona Windpower Plant
Four companies worked in unison to meet the demanding specifications of a new Acciona Windpower plant in Iowa, USA.

“Because of the size and scale of the nacelles, Acciona needed to be able to set equipment precisely via the hoist motion,” says Carl Walters, Drivecon sales manager. “We recommended the 45 ton cranes be built with the XT variable speed control system for precise setting of the equipment,” Walters adds. “With the XT control system, the motor will speed up or slow down to match the production speed the user specifies with an available 1000:1 speed ratio.” read more here.

Brownsville Marine Products, PA
When Pennsylvania barge manufacturer Brownsville Marine Products embarked on a $15 million expansion of their facility in 2012, the goal was to increase the company's annual construction capacity to 180 barges per year to facilitate multi-year orders from its larger clients.

"Our technical solution is called Traffic Cop," says Drivecon's Business Development Manager Erik Petersen. "Traffic Cop keeps track of each crane's position in a dynamic, real-time format to actively prevent collisions from occurring." read more here.